The Story of Nicole the Cat

by Brewster on May 7, 2014

What follows is a letter I wrote to friends two years ago to tell them the story of Nicole (now affectionately called Nicolina), who “found” us in February 2012.

Dear Friends,

We ceased sending Christmas/holiday cards some years ago for reasons now lost in the dark caves of my memory.  We continue to enjoy receiving such, however, and learning about our friends’ experiences during the year gone by.  This year, in lieu of a card with enclosed annual summary of events, we send you herewith the history of the cat Nicole since she chose our house as her new home last January.

It all began when one tropical winter morning shortly after the new year began as I went into the kitchen to organize our morning supply of meds and vitamins and prepare Lynn-Marie’s breakfast to be taken to the hotel where she works.  Though my eyesight at 5:45 in the morning is not at its optimum ability, there was no way I could miss the small feline face at the glass in the French doors leading to the back porch.  I mumbled something resembling the phrase “Beat it, kid, we’ve got no time or room for stray cats.”  Something like that. And went on about my quotidian chores.

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Along the shore of northwestern England there existed several National Defence Installations guarded by bored young soldiers and, occasionally, bored young local police constables.  This latter fact had brought The Colonel to the Gulley County village of Dummerton in the guise of the recently appointed civilian head of the county’s police force and, consequently, a position superior to Detective-Inspector Quarally and his junior partner Sergeant Dumpstry. Of course they resented being led by a civilian appointee but as was always the case, they bowed before the tradition, and The Colonel’s authoritative demeanour, firm control of himself and equally firm belief in his ability to direct the constabulary soon mitigated, if not completely eradicated, their antagonism to the point where they worked together with a sufficient amount of smoothness to carry out their duties with a minimum of friction. It helped matters that The Colonel did not interfere in the majority of cases requiring police involvement.  The murder of one of the local policemen on guard duty at one of the Defence Installations did not fall into that majority. Read More of Small Mystery


Arrived — Nicole the Cat

by Brewster on January 31, 2013