Reviews of Radovic’s Dilemma

“Like the best thrillers, this is an unputdownable page-turner.  Brewster Chamberlin creates a superb sense of atmosphere, but his principal strength is in creating the mind of his hero.  He has the skill to make a heartless assassin into a likeable human being, and he does so with compassion and wry humour.  The last sentence gives the reader no choice but to call out ‘Sequel’.”

Richard Pine, author & founder, Durrell School of Corfu


“What happens when a writer, who happens to be the most droll, urbane, and indeed lovable person you know, writes a novel about a selfish, hedonistic and calculating professional assassin?  The result is a trip into the raw subconscious of the Levant, a realm in which atavistic violence surges toward a promise of vengeance.  Chamberlin really knows the Mediterranean….his images and events remain with you long after you have turned the final page.”

Ian MacNiven, author of Lawrence Durrell: A Biography